Enterprise Sessions

Traditional Sessions Legacy data is ubiquitous and it's NOT primarily stored in Windows-based systems. Bank and credit card records, parts and inventory records, tax, license and court records, all are essential to commerce and government.
The good news is solutions on the .NET framework leverage the built-in ability of Visual Studio .NET to call data from almost any legacy platform and then deliver it to users via sessions that run on lower-cost, high-performance windows-based systems. There's no advantage to be gained in moving mountains of legacy data from platform to platform, and with .NET framework solutions, you won't have to.

Web Services

The major Web services vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, BEA, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems are all committed to Web services, and many other product and services providers are already creating strong offerings. In Nova's view, Microsoft has a head start on the competition with its .Net framework for Web services architecture. Microsoft's vision is the strongest of the major vendors, and it is already producing products incorporating Web services functionality.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)

There are devices that are only PDAs. Now devices may have built in wireless networking or Bluetooth personal area networking, or the integration of cellular technology. Microsoft has released a version of the Pocket PC called Pocket PC Phone Edition that adds functions to support voice calling, SMS, and other features specific to having an integrated phone in the device. The user interface and Session requirements of the Pocket PC Phone edition are almost identical to a standard Pocket PC device. It has the same portrait screen and lack of keyboard. The device differs from a standard Pocket PC in that phone cellular calls can be made from the device with an integrated speaker and microphone.

Smart Phones

Smartphones integrate PDA-type functionality into a voice-centric handset comparable in size to today's mobile phones. Smartphones are designed for one-handed operation with keypad access to both voice or data features. It is optimized for voice and text communication; wireless access to information and encrypted browsing to corporate and Internet information and services. Smartphone gives you a choice to communicate via voice or text along with the ability to access information and services so you can stay in-touch while on the go.

Nova develops Smart Sessions which will seemlessly integrate with your current framework and therefore leveraging your current infrastructure to its fullest.

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